Who are we?

We are a small company that delivers software to big corporations. And not only that, we also deliver visions on how to do something better, smarter, and basically of what is possible. You can say, we know our way around stagnant waters of corporate development.

The company started 6 years ago, and in those 6 years we have developed almost two dozens of corporate solutions, while also building several open-source projects, which serve as a foundation for our applications.

Our development is based on our way of life(blissframework.dev), quick prototyping, and short calls with customers rather than having lengthy email conversations.

"Let's quickly show you what we have and decide our next steps" - that kind of approach. In our experience, people working for big corporations find this very refreshing.

When it comes to our skills, we are all universal soldiers, we all know the languages we use, be it Svelte.dev, C#/ASP.NET, Elixir/Phoenix or PostgreSQL/Plpgsql. The only difference is, we all specialize on different layers of our applications.

Who is who?

Ondrej Valenta

I, the owner of the company, am the brain of this whole operation. I have been programming since 1997, professionally from 2005. I always worked for (and with) big corporates, for example, Accenture, and I know this environment very much.

My specialization is to

  • come up with visions
  • focus on details
  • design whole solutions and processes, including database models
  • coordinate development with my and customer's programmers
  • give technical support to programmers
  • server side development
  • WPF development

Filip Jakab

Filip is a fullstack developer, which I is with me since his second year at high school. I have trained him to be a programmer with code consistency in mind, with following standards, with ability to quickly learn new technologies and with passion to deliver good product.

His specialization is

  • UI development
  • CSS wizardry
  • Server side development
  • Jobs and Service workers development

Jan Rada

Jan is our youngest developer, still a student at a local high school and yet he worked with us on multiple corporate projects and is a co-author of many of our open-source projects.

His specialization is

  • UI development
  • Tools development
  • Server side development